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Refined decorations fitting your interior exactly

“I’ll just pop them into a vase,” how often have you said that or heard someone say it? You’d phrase that somewhat differently when talking about the range from Heemskerk Bloemisten: “I’ll just put these into this wonderful, distinctive vase.” After all, the decorations in our shop are true works of art.

The colourful art of glass

“I discovered to how to paint glass objects in this way by following my instincts. Everyday elements are sometimes lavishly, other times modestly translated, and suddenly radiate something beautiful.”

Doortje IJpelaar - artist

Dare to be distinctive with DutZ

Every vase, pot, dish, calendar or carafe from DutZ is mouth-blown and hand-shaped from glass. The products are designed and manufactured in a glass factory in Eastern Europe. DutZ is a Dutch acronym for: “Dare to be distinctive.” Our range also includes amazing DutZ candles.

Affordable luxury from PTMD collection®

Sturdy, restrained and chic. These are the features of PTMD collection®. Create an idiosyncratic look in your interior with these stylish items. All vases, lamps, candle holders and more besides are developed in-house by PTMD®.  Every season, Heemskerk Bloemisten selects the most beautiful products for the range in The Hague.

Piggybanks, chicken banks and kitty banks?

Big Ducky, Peggy the Pig and Marie the Chicken. The names might not mean much to you, but these jolly creatures are eager to meet you. Discover the most fun shapes in colourful designs. Collect all the Pomme-Pidou animal saving banks.

Every new Pomme-Pidou animal brings a smile to our faces, and we hope yours too.

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